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My Approach

As humans, we tend to avoid our more difficult and complex emotions in hopes that they will disappear. However, it is more often the case that the feelings we turn inward find their way out, and sometimes in a less-than-ideal way. Therapy is a unique space to explore the parts of you that tend to stay hidden. It is a space to “look beneath the hood” to understand more fully who you are and "why" you are. With this newfound insight, we can explore ways for you to engage more fully in your life and relationships, dig into your sense of purpose, and reconnect with (or discover for the first time) feelings of stillness and joy.

Human first and psychologist second, Dr. Tasca uses a psychodynamic, attachment-based framework and balance careful listening with thoughtful probing. She brings attention to the therapeutic process and encourage discussion in the "here and now". Though she is rooted in psychodynamic treatment, Dr. Tasca integrates CBT, DBT, and ACT/mindfulness-based strategies to help you cope in your day-to-day.

Dr. Tasca believes that the relationship between patient and therapist is at the heart of good therapy. She aims to bring her true self into the room and to create a warm and comfortable space for to explore your inner life and external environment. She believes a shared laugh is as helpful as an "ah-ha" moment in therapy.

Dr. Tasca have been described by former clients as warm and insightful, gentle but direct, and active in the therapeutic process. She wholeheartedly believes in the power of high-quality psychotherapy and is committed to the well-being and therapeutic growth of her clients. 

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