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Areas of Speciality 

Dr. Tasca is competent in treatment of a broad range of human concerns including anxiety, depression, grief, and relationship difficulties. 


Dr. Tasca has comprehensive training in the treatment of childhood trauma, dysfunctional family systems, and attachment-related concerns. She has specialized training in the treatment of mild-to-moderate eating difficulties amongst children, adolescents, and adults. Further, she has a keen interest in supporting LGBTQIA+ folx and those who are grappling with questions related with their gender and/or sexuality.

Dr. Tasca has provided psychotherapy at the inpatient level of care as well as outpatient and academic settings. She has facilitated groups for children, adolescents, young adults, and parents and received comprehensive training in psychological assessment. Committed to continuity of care, she works with social workers, psychiatrists, schools, neuropsychologists and other medical professions to collaborate on treatment. 

A lifetime learner, Dr. Tasca is an avid reader on issues and theory related to psychology, psychotherapy, and the human condition.



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